About Us

EXTERIOR BAMBOO focuses on the faith to use the eco and sustainable material of bamboo. Bamboo will be a good choice for building in the future of its excellent features.

Exterior Bamboo is a professional outdoor bamboo structural lumber company. We strive to provide our clients with the best and the most environmentally friendly outdoor bamboo products in China.

With more than 15 years experience of in manufacturing bamboo products, we are specializing in outdoor bamboo products such as structural bamboo lumbers, beams & dowels, bamboo decking, bamboo wall panels, bamboo cladding, bamboo stairs, and bamboo acoustic panels, horse stables, etc..

Manufacturing Processing

01 Bamboo Resource

Based on moso bamboo origin, we have large quantity of bamboo poles which is 4-6years

02 Auto-select Bamboo Slats

Match the color and pick the defects bamboo slats out

03 Mildew & corrosion Proof Treatment

With special formula, the slats will stay in 2-3 days sealed spaces.

04 Glue

Bamboo strands put into gule pool to make the strands suck up the glue which makes the strand woven bamboo boards get higher density.

05 Hot Press

Bamboo strand woven boards are hot pressed by advanced equipment.

06 Strands In Stock

Our factory has large quantities of bmaboo strands in stock to ensure short delivery time.

07 Lacquered or Oiled Finish

Bamboo decking and horse stables are finished with lacquer and oil which can use outdoor environment.

08 Packing

Bamboo products are packed with PE bags, wraped with boxes and sticked with strips loading on the pallets.


In order to supply the best bamboo products for our customers, besides we seriously check every step in the production processing. We also do some tests in the lab to double-check. With a professional QC team, we provide third-party service